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Francesco Simeti NOW WHAT

€ 5.200,00 (inclusief btw)

Zeer fraaie behangwand met bloemen NOW WHAT van Francesco Simeti voor de Editions collectie van Wall & Deco.

Stunning wallpaper mural NOW WHAT by Francesco Simeti for Wall & Deco Elements collection.

Afmeting b540 x h360 cm - eenvoudig op maat te snijden

Levertijd ongeveer 2 weken

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Indoor, residential and commercial

Description of materialDigital printed wall covering matched with non woven fabric
Nature of componentsNon-woven coated fabric based on cellulose fibres and polyester fibres) Water-based inks and organic pigments
Total weight (minimum ÷ maximum)150 g/m² ÷ 210 g/m²
Total thickness (minimum / maximum)0,30 mm ÷ 0,40 mm
Reaction to fireClass B-s1-d0
VOCDetermination of the emission factor for VOC and identification of dominating substances has been made at the Swedish Testing- and Research Institute according to the FLEC-method. The test results is below the quantitative detection limit (< 10µg/m² x h)
  • PVC free

  • Recyclable


  • Breathable


  • Washable 2-waves


  • Apply the glue to the wall

    Apply the glue to the wall

Now What?

You guys are running out of time - F. Simeti

Francesco Simeti's work plunges us into a fantastic landscape in which plants and flowers envelop the space in a riot of vegetation that looks inviting but when observed carefully hides anomalies.  

Extrapolated from old books on mountain flowers, the natural elements are re-purposed in oversized form, magnified to the point of transforming a possible garden into an unreal jungle.

Behind the apparent beauty appear worried eyes. These are the eyes of the animal world, which is afraid to look at what we are doing to nature, eyes that blend in with the vegetation, shadows in the darkness reminding us of our responsibilities and that we are not alone. 

In Francesco Simeti's work, a persuasive aesthetic sense conceals a deeper, more raw interpretation, a warning to our society about the environmental and social devastation we are causing and which we mask behind false appearances. It is a hidden message that we need to search out with care and that invites us not to stop at the surface. 

The work Now What? is a repeating module creating a floral pattern of warm colours, a refined aesthetic sense and a precise formal construction.

Simeti was one of the first artists in Italy to use wallpaper as a stylistic device and to translate it into a work of art.

Delivery time around 2 weeks

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