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Traces and Shiny EVIDENCE

€ 5.200,00 (inclusief btw)


Zeer fraaie behangwand EVIDENCE van Traces And Shiny voor de Editions collectie van Wall & Deco.

Afmeting b540 x h360 cm - eenvoudig op maat te snijden

Levertijd ongeveer 2 weken

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Indoor, residential and commercial

Description of materialDigital printed wall covering matched with non woven fabric
Nature of componentsNon-woven coated fabric based on cellulose fibres and polyester fibres) Water-based inks and organic pigments
Total weight (minimum ÷ maximum)150 g/m² ÷ 210 g/m²
Total thickness (minimum / maximum)0,30 mm ÷ 0,40 mm
Reaction to fireClass B-s1-d0
VOCDetermination of the emission factor for VOC and identification of dominating substances has been made at the Swedish Testing- and Research Institute according to the FLEC-method. The test results is below the quantitative detection limit (< 10µg/m² x h)
  • PVC free

  • Recyclable


  • Breathable


  • Washable 2-waves


  • Apply the glue to the wall

    Apply the glue to the wall

Delivery time around 2 weeks

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to MAIL us!

Traces and Shiny Evidence

"Our wallpaper is a reimagining of dreams, comfort and beauty” - Labinac

When Jimmie Durham, one of the Founders of LABINAC, died on November 17th in 2021, the idea of working on a wallpaper was already in the air but, despite the immeasurable loss that this event brought inside the collective, the group of designers never thought of interrupting the creative path they had begun together. On the contrary, they continued to carry on the investigations which had already commenced on this project based on the work done up to that moment. They therefore started from the original sketches: graphic powder prints that Jimmie had made with stuffed animals that were transported onto paper convey a vivid expression of the inner narratives that this visual imagery represents, somewhere between comfort and dreams. The activity in the background - the result of a collective painting process - colourful, fluid, lively, works on the variations of abstract spaces that fix no narratives but instead encourage further dreams.


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