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JUGBANDS BLUES (2 kleuren)

Maak een statement in je interieur met dit fantastische behang op maat JUGBANDS BLUE van Gio Pagani voor Londonart Italia. Verkrijgbaar in 2 kleuren.

Levertijd ongeveer 4 weken na goedkeuring simulatie en ontvangst vooruitbetaling.

Voor een vrijblijvende prijsberekening en/of meer informatie kun je ons een MAIL sturen met de afmeting van de wand.

Verkrijgbaar op de volgende materialen:

raw-s120VINYL SUBSTRATE FOR INTERIOR - € 125,00/m2

Raw is a vinyl wall covering with a non-woven backing. Suitable for interiors only (walls/ceilings), it has an embossed and irregular surface, similar to a painter’s canvas. Raw comes in 47-cm rolls in the requested height, is impact resistant and easy to maintain.

Non-woven fabric
(70% cellulose - 20% synthetic fibre - 8% additives),
100% PVC spread on the decorative side of which
4% flameproof components

Total weight (-/+):
360 g/m² ÷ 380 g/m²

Total thickness (-/+):
0,30 mm ÷ 0,34 mm

Fire reaction certification:
class B-s2, dO - USA Class A

glass-s780 WATERPROOFING SUBSTRATE FOR INTERIOR (shower etc) - € 200,00/m2

Made from ultra-thin special fibre glass yarn, obtained by fusion at a temperature of 1400°. The fibres obtained in this way maintain the chemical and physical properties of glass, even in fabric form. It has an embossed surface like a slub fabric. Glass is flameproof and comes in 94-cm rolls for the requested height.

Fibra di vetro

Total weight (-/+):
280 g/m² +/- 15%

Total thickness (-/+):
0,427 mm ÷ 0,501 mm

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