Banana's all over with this lovely mural BOTANY by Lemon

lemon botany banana wallpaper behangfabriek

Such a pretty view on a blind wall! Stunning result with wallpaper mural PERSPECTIVE MANOIR by RebelWalls

rebelwalls perspective manoir behangfabriek

Looks great at the LAUFEN booth at VT Wonen & Design fair; murals BELLAGIO and NEED SOME PLANTS

waterdicht behang bellagio behangfabriek laufen

waterproof wallpaper need some plants laufen vtwonen behangfabriek

Stunning wallpaper mural SKIL by Wall & Deco at booth Bert Plantagie

skil wall and deco bert plantagie behangfabriek

Scaled to fit mural SILK in waterproof KitchenWalls material

Behangfabriek, Silk, behang op maat

RebelWalls Mischievious Monkeys at restaurant Fnidsen Alkmaar

rebelwalls mischievious monkeys behangfabriek

Beautiful and practical; vinyl carpet KILIM by Slowclub

slowclub behangfabriek vinyl rug kilim

Great industrial look with KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper CONCRETE

kitchenwalls wasserfest kuchentapete behangfabriek

Stunning result with wallpaper mural FAITH by Skinwall

wallpaper faith skinwall behangfabriek

Beautiful kitchen, beautiful HEXAGON!

kitchenwalls kuchen tapete hexagon

Beautiful stair make-over with sticker PORTUGESE TILE

stair sticker portugese tile behangfabriek

In love with this stunning staircase! Stairs stickers MASTERPIECE

stairs sticker masterpiece behangfabriek

Lovely result with backsplash wallpaper RETRO GREEN by KitchenWalls

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper retro green

Sunny backsplash IBIZA by KitchenWalls

kitchenwalls kuchen tapete ibiza wasserfest behangfabriek

Such a sweet nook with wallpaper mural BLOOMING by RebelWalls

happy customer behangfabriek wallpaper blooming rebelwalls

Very very large beautiful mural THE SWEET LIFE by Daisy James!

daisy james the sweet life wallpaper behangfabriek

daisy james the sweet life behangfabriek

happy customer the sweet life daisy james behangfabriek

In love with the boy in this stunning mural LA FAMIGLIA POIS by Wall & Deco!

wall and deco la famiglia pois behangfabriek

Shower with mural ENCHANTED FOREST in waterproof wallpaper

waterproof shower wallpaper enchanted forest behangfabriek

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper HEXAGON

kitchenwalls keukenbehang hexagon

Lovey wallpaper mural BANANELLA by Tres Tintas

Tres Tintas Bananella wallpaper Behangfabriek

KitchenWalls waterproof backsplash wallpaper ORNAMENT

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper kitchen ornament

How cool this result with mural WALL TATTOO!

behangfabriek wall tattoo design wallpaper bricks

Great job by DebStyles! Lovely mural LOST PARADISE by Wall & Deco

happy customer wall and deco designbehang lost paradise debstyles

Beautiful ALABSTRO by Tres Tintas Barcelona. Styling by DebStyles

tres tintas alabastro debstyles

Stunning LHASA MURAL by Tres Tintas Barcelona

wallpaper lhasa mural tres tintas behangfabriek

Lovely decor for the SPRDLX shop with mural AUTUMN BREEZE

behangfabriek autumn breeze sprdlx

Great stairs makeover with sticker MOSAIC GREEN

trapsticker mozaiek groen behangfabriek

Beautiful LUNA PLENE mural by Wall & Deco

wallpaper luna plene wall and deco behangfabriek

Great make over with waterproof backsplash wallpaper GLASS WALL by KitchenWalls

kitchenwalls kuchen tapete glass wasserfest

From a dull white wall to a stunning colored wall with Wrap The Wall PINK ROSES!

wrap the wall outdoor wallcovering pink roses behangfabriek

Real beautiful result with wallpaper mural MADAME DE POMPADOUR gold by Scandinavian Surface

scandinavian surface madame de pompadour behangfabriek

Lovely wallpaper mural BOHEMIAN BIRDS by Scandinavian Surface

bohemian birds scandinavian surface behangfabriek wallpaper

How beautiful this hallway with wallpaper mural KANDY AFTER ALL by Elitis!

kandy after all elitis behangfabriek

We love the result with vinyl rug ORNAMENT

vinylkarpet vinyl rug ornament slowclub behangfabriek

Lovely example of our VINTAGE WALLPAPER

design wallpaper scaled to fit vintage behangfabriek

Pretty cool wall with the PAPER MANDALA

happy customer behang paper mandala behangfabriek

Green it is! Beautiful EXOTIC DAMIER by Wall & Deco

exotic damier wall and deco behangfabriek

Lovely toilet make over with waterproof wallpaper FLY CAP by Instabilelab

instabilelab waterproof wallpaper fly cap

Special thanks to Debstyles for using MAT WALL by Instabilelab and Wall Carpet by Behangfabriek

instabilelab industrieel behang Mat Wall

Stunning looking FISH by KitchenWalls

kitchenwalls papier peint cuisine fish

Beautiful upgrade for this classic stairs with stickers ART DECO

trapsticker art deco klassieke trap

Great industrial look with waterproof backsplash wallpaper STEEL by KitchenWalls

kitchenwalls wasserfest kuchen tapete steel

Beautiful new stairs with stickers, design by customer herself

stairs stickers behangfabriek

Easy Peasy make over for your toilet with vinyl tiles PALE GREEN

vinyl tiles pale green vloerfabriek

Stunning make over with stairs stickers ORANGE!

stairs stickers orange behangfabriek

Beautiful map wallpaper mural LOST by Skinwall

skinwall wallpaper map lost

Love this beautiful result with wallpaper mural CART ON by Wall & Deco!

wall and deco wallpaper cart on behangfabriek

wall and deco cart on

Wouldn't you love to take a bath watching this stunning mural HIDDEN BIRDS by DUTCH DAHLIA's?

dutch dahlia's design wallpaper saskia van der linden

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper HEXAGON

kitchenwalls waterdicht keukenbehang pvc hexagon

Who would not love to work like this? Mural HOMAGE TO ROUSSEAU by Skinwall

skinwall tapete homage to rousseau

Wonderful mural PAPER MANDALA by Behangfabriek

behangfabriek tapete paper mandala

Still favourite this wallpaper MANDALA by Wall & Deco

wall and deco tapete mandala

Floral wallpaper mural SOUL by Wall & Deco

blumen design tapete soul wall and deco behangfabriek

BOTANICAL BLISS by Origin on panel

botanical bliss wallpaper origin

Lovely Ikea Malm restyle with stickers PARROT by 123kea

123kea sticker parrot ikea malm ikeahack

Stunning mural BISTRO matching great with THE BIG EASY steel modular kitchen

behangfabriek bistro the big easy kitchen modular steel

Pretty cool result with vinyl tiles PALE GREEN nr. 7 in toilet

vinyl tegels voor toilet en caravan

KitchenWalls special FACTORY

kitchenwalls waterproof backsplash wallpaper factory

A bit jealous at this stunning result with BROCART by Wall & Deco

wall and deco brocart tapete customer

Love this beautiful bedroom with wallpaper HONEYCOMB 1 in green by Lemon

lemon wallpaper honeycomb green

Pretty cool 'old' wall with this mural PLASTER BRICK!

wallpaper scaled to fit tapete carta da parati plaster brick

One happy fish in the kitchen!

kitchenwalls backsplash waterproof wallpaper fish tiles

Beautiful INNER CIRCLE in blue

designbehang op maat inner circle behangfabriek

Pretty cool result mural EXOTIC DAMIER by Wall & Deco

happy customer behangfabriek exotic damier wall and deco

Lovely stairs restyling by HOUSE PROUD with stairs stickers STEEL

trapsticker steel house proud

Beautiful styling by Moniek Visser for VT Wonen with mural Bohemian Birds. Photograph by Sjoerd Eickmans

scandinavian surface bohemian birds vtwonen

Zuiver and Origin's MOROCCO in burnt orange, a pretty cool combination!

origin wallpaper design morocco burnt orange zuiver

Happy customer with KitchenWalls ITALY

Lovely result with stairs stickers ART DECO

stairs stickers art deco behangfabriek

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper VEGGIES to add some color!

kitchenwalls waterproof backsplash wallpaper veggies

A double FISH KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper to finish this stunning design kitchen

happy customer kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper fish

Stairs make over with stickers LEATHER

stairs stickers leather traprenovatie

KitchenWalls waterproof backsplash GOLD

kitchenwalls keukenbehang gold

Stunning result mural MANDALA by Wall and Deco

happy customer wallpaper mandala wall and deco

Stairs stickers AZULEJO, quite a difference!

stairs makeover sticker azulejo

Mural SOUL by Wall & Deco

wallpaper design soul wall and deco behangfabriek


designbehang op maat urban jungle behangfabriek sprdlx

TV programm Eigen Huis & Tuin used our mural WATERCOLOUR by Lemon

eigen huis en tuin behang watercolour lemon

eigen huis en tuin watercolour behang lemon

Great industrial result with backsplash wallpaper BRONZE COPPER by KitchenWalls

backsplash wallpaper bronze copper kitchenwalls

Beautiful colorful result with KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper PORTUGAL

kitchenwalls kuchen tapete portugal tiles

Happy customer waterproof backsplash wallpaper BRONZE COPPER by KitchenWalls

kitchenwalls wasserfest kuchen tapete rust copper

Great kitchen restyle with backsplash wallpaper ORNAMENT grey by KitchenWalls

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper ornament

Stairs stickers MOSAIC OCHRE GREEN, pretty cool!

trapsticker mosaiek oker groen

Stunning result on wardrobe with ORIGIN wallpaper Morocco

origin wallpaper morocco wardrobe

Enlarged embroidery pattern in mural LACE BROWN

behangfabriek tapete lace brown


origin wallpaper botanical bliss happy customer behangfabriek

Wallcovering LOST LANDSCAPE by Scandinavian Surface

scandinavian surface papier peint lost landscape

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper HERRINGBONE in sunny yellow

kitchenwalls kuchen tapete herringbone gelb

Mural EXOTIC DAMIER by Wall & Deco

Exotic Damier tapete Wall and Deco

Ourdoor rug IBIZA on roof terrace

slowclub out door rug felt ibiza

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper CONCRETE

happy customer kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper concrete

Beautiful TANGARINE by Wall & Deco

wall and deco tangarine wallcovering

Almost the real thing this wallpaper mural WEATHERED CONCRETE by Origin

origin wallpaper weathered concrete

Holiday picture by client

behangfabriek happy customer wallpaper

Beautiful PHEASANTS by Klaus Haapaniemi!

klaus haapanimie wallpaper pheasants behangfabriek

Ceiling wallpaper FRESCO in toilet

ceiling wallpaper behangfabriek

Beautiful BLACK BEECH by Scandinivan Surface

black beech wallpaper scandinavian surface

Stunning result mural DRAWING GRAFFITI

behangfabriek graffiti drawing happy customer

Photoshoot with wallpaper mural SILK

behangfabriek wallpaper silk zuiver

behangfabriek carta da parati silk at zuiver

Mural JUNGLE in kitchen

behangfabriek wallcovering jungle client

Panels TARAZ by Tres Tintas

tres tintas tapete taraz panel

Mural OMBRE by Origin Wallpapers

happy customer behangfabriek origin ombre wallpaper

KitchenWalls backsplash SCM002 by Sara Castro Monteiro

kitchenwalls tapete kuchen sara castro monteiro

EXOTIC DAMIER by Wall & Deco

exotic damier wall and deco

PERLES TOPAZE by Elitis France

High end wallpaper perles topaze elitis

MANDALA by Wall & Deco

tapete wall and deco mandala wallpaper

COCKATOO by Wall & Deco 

cockatoo tapete wall and deco kunde


skinwall designbehang hommage to rousseau

123kea Besta stickers RUST

123kea ikeahack besta sticker rust

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper WHITE 3D

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper white 3d

Moonlight shining in to play with this stunning mural P1.07 by Yo2

yo2 designs behang op maat P1.07

KitchenWalls Special BOTANY by Lemon

happy customer kitchenwalls botany lemon

Eden Roc in Mediterranee by CHRISTIAN LACROIX

Christian Lacroix wallcovering jungle Eden Roc

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper FACTORY

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper factory tile industrial

Wallpaper mural NEEDELWORK by Tres Tintas

tres tintas designbehang needelwork

Stairs stickers MOSAIC GREEN

trapsticker mosiac green libelle

PICASSO GRAFFITI wallpaper on panel at SPRDLX

picasso graffiti wallpaper sprdlx

PATTERN JAY by Scandinavian Surface

pattern jay wallpaper scandinavian surface

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper HEXAGON

kitchenwalls tapet koch hexagon

KitchenWalls backsplash Bronze Copper with great industrial strips

kitchenwalls kuchen tapete kunde

MANDALA WMDA1401 by Wall & Deco

wall and deco mandala wallcovering tapete

Mural RED GARDEN by Catalina Estrada at Kinki Kappers Breda

red garden catalina estrada kinki kapper breda

Vinyl rug HOLLANDS WELVAREN at Kinki Kappers Breda

vinylkarpet hollandse meester kinki kapper

Mural TILES in KitchenWalls material for toilet makeover

kitchenwalls makeover toilet

BOTANY WPLC0023 by Lemon

botany wallpaper made by lemon

EDEN ROCK by Christian Lacroix

eden rock christian lacroix happy customer

Kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper PORTUGAL

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper portugal

Mural LANDSCAPE WPLC0006 by Lemon on cabinet

Made by Lemon wallpaper Landscape WPLC0006

Customized from Wrap the Wall BROWN BIRDS for nursery

happy customer wallpaper brown birds nursery

behangfabriek behang op maat babykamer

Mural CROWN OF DILLE by RebelWalls

rebelwalls behang op maat crown of dille

SEE THROUGH by Skinwall

happy customer see through skinwall


diana watson wallpaper lucianas garden client

Mural FRONTAGE by RebelWalls

rebelwalls frontage wallpaper customer

Mural IMPRINTING by Wall & Deco

wall and deco wallcovering imprinting

One roll of KitchenWalls PORTUGAL for a great bathroom make-over!

kitchenwalls keukenbehang in badkamer klant

KitchenWalls PORTUGAL

kitchenwalls keukenbehang portugal klant

kitchenwalls papier peint cuisine

KitchenWalls special ART NOUVEAU

ALPENJAGER by Wall and Deco

wall and deco alpenjager wallpaper

KitchenWalls CONCRETE

kitchenwalls kuchen tapete concrete

KitchenWalls Hexagon

kitchenwalls keukenbehang hexagon klant


tres tintas alabastro wallpaper design

FADED FOREST by Behangfabriek

behangfabriek tapete design faded forest

Botany by Lemon at IKEA Haarlem

botany wplc0023 jungle wallpaper ikea haarlem

Mural InnerCircle in blue

behangfabriek wallcovering tapete innercircle blue

KitchenWalls Design Collection by Valesca van Waveren

kitchenwalls design collection valesca van waveren

KitchenWalls Veggies

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper veggies

KitchenWalls special size and design

kitchenwalls kitchen-walls kuchen tapete

Behangfabriek mural Faded Forest

behangfabriek designbehang faded forest

KitchenWalls backsplash special Old Steel

kitchenwalls keukenbehang special staal rvs

Tell Me Tiles by Wall & Deco

wall & deco wallcovering tell me tiles

wall and deco tell me tiles exclusive papier peint

Bed Of Roses by Diana Watson

diana watson wallpaper tapete papier peint bed of roses

Yo2 carpet tiles

yo2 carpet tiles bedroom

Mandala WDMA1402 by Wall & Deco as stunning room divider

wall and deco tapete papier peint mandala

KitchenWalls Desinger Collection KG003 by Kirath Ghundoo in rental home

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper rental home

KitchenWalls backsplash special STAR grey

kitchen-walls keukenbehang star grijs

KitchenWalls backsplash RETRO GREEN

kitchenwalls kuchen tapete ruckwand retro green

Special with concrete and bricks for the office of Day & Nite events

made on demand design wallpaper by behangfabriek for day and nite events office

behangfabriek wallcovering exclusive day nite events

CROISETTE RAINETTE by Christian Lacroix in a stunning Marbella airbnb holiday apartment!

christian lacroix wallcovering croisette

Wall & Deco RENE

wall and deco designbehang rene kapstok

Wall and Deco design wallpaper PAPARAZZI

wall and deco designbehang paparazi klant

WEAVING WOOD green by Scandinavian Surface

scandinavian surface weaving woods green

Kitchen-Walls VEGGIES

kitchen-walls keukenbehang veggies

TELL ME TILES by Wall & Deco

wall and deco tapete papier peint tell me tiles

Wallcovering BELLEWOOD by Rebel Walls

Rebel Walls Bellewood behang

Botany mural by LEMON in stunning Marbella airbnb holiday apartment!

lemon botany wallpaper client marbella


KitchenWalls backsplash RETRO GREEN

kitchenwalls pimp my kitchen retro green


romantic dream tapete smartdeco italy

PUNCH CARDS by Rebel Walls

rebel walls punch cards tapete


wall and deco wallpaper wunderkammer papier peint

BRUSH by Wall & Deco

wall and deco tapete brush kunde

Lace Green in bedroom

behangfabriek tapete mural lace green

Wrap The Wall outdoor wallpaper

wrap the wall outdoor wallpaper

Kitchen-Walls GOLDEN AGE (without the gold)

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper golden age

OPIUM by Wall & Deco

wall and deco behang opium


vinylkarpet design hollands glorie klant

JARDIN by Domestic

mural jardin domestic natalie lete


wrap the wall outdoor wallpaper

COCHIN by Tres Tintas

tres tintas wallpaper cochin

YO2 designs wallpaper V1.04

yo2 designs wallpaper tapete v1.04



happy customer la aurelia diamonds

From stripes to BOHEMIAN BIRDS

bohemian birds scandinavian surface customer

FORET NOIRE by Natalie Lete for Domestic

domestic natalie lete foret noire tapete

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper BOHO

kitchenwalls happy customer backspalsh wallpaper boho mosaic

Wall & Deco Mandala WDMA1402

happy customer wall and deco mandala


tres tintas

123kea Vittsjo Ikeahack

123kea vittsjo ikeahack

KitchenWalls waterproof wallpaper in bathroom

behangfabriek kitchenwalls special bathroom wallpaper

Wall and Deco TECTONIC at IMM Cologne - Bert Plantagie

wall and deco outdoor wallpaper tectonic bert plantagie

MANDALA WDMA1402 Wall & Deco

mandala tapete wall and deco

MANDALA WDMA1401 Wall & Deco

wall and deco mandala wdma1401 klant

Rebel Walls ARCHIVE

Rebel walls mural drawers archive

Domestic Foret Noir in diningroom

domestic mural tapete foret noire

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper Portugal in Iceland!

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper portugal

KitchenWalls wallpaper Italy turns out be be great in the bedroom as well!

kitchenwalls papier peint cuisine italien

Wall and Deco TELL ME TILES

wall and deco tell me tiles happy customer

Behangfabriek SCRAPS VICTORIAN in girls room

behangfabriek wallcovering victorian scraps

KitchenWalls seamless waterproof wallpaper in bathroom

kitchenwalls seamless waterproof wallpaper bathroom hummingbird

Behangfabriek ceiling wallpaper ORNAMENT

behangfabriek tapete plafond ornament

RebelWalls mural QUADRANGLE

rebelwalls quadrangle mural

KitchenWalls special size Majolica tiles

kitchenwalls backsplash majolica tile

Large KitchenWalls wallpaper Special for restaurant Chez Frans

behangfabriek kitchenwalls special restaurant wallpaper

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper MAROC bright colours

kitchenwalls ruckwand tapete marok

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper HEXAGON

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper hexagon

Wall & Deco MANDALA WDMA1401

wall and deco tapete mandala

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper RECLAIMED WOOD

kitchenwalls kuchen tapete holz

Wall & Deco MANDALA WDMA1402

wall and deco mandala tapete

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper CONCRETE

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper concrete

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper Special

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper special

Waterproof wallpaper GOLDEN AGE

behangfabriek kitchenwalls golden age

Catalina Estrada wallpaper CISNE

catalina estrada wallpaper cisne

Woodlands Blue by Sian Zeng

sian zeng magnetic wallpaper woodlands blue

Wall & Deco DESHABILLE at the VTWonen & Design Beurs Amsterdam

wall and deco wallpaper deshabille woonbeurs vtwonen

KitchenWalls MAROC special size

kitchenwalls backsplash maroc

Catalina Estrada OWL mural

catalina estrada mural owl

KitchenWalls CONCRETE at special size

kitchenwalls concrete backsplash

Wall & Deco MANDALA WDMA1402 on panel

behangfabriek happy customer wall and deco mandala

Sterk-design ROSES R14

sterk design wallpaper mural roses

KitchenWalls CIRCLE

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper circle

Little Owl Design Dutch Sky Storm Grey

little owl design wallpaper dutch sky

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper Circle

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper circle

Domestic Foret Noire in nursery

domestic mural foret noire nursery

KitchenWalls backsplash Tadelakt

kitchenwalls happy customer tadelakt wallpaper backsplash

Sterk-design R05 Lace

sterk-design wallpaper lace r05

Wall and Deco OPIUM

wall and deco mural wallpaper opium

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper Special

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper special

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper 

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper vintage flower

Wall & Deco DURCH

wall and deco wallpaper durch customer

Wall & Deco's behang Mandala WDMA1402

wall and deco mandala wdma1402 klant

wall and deco mandala wdma1402 klant

Mural Little Red by Catalina Estrada

catalina estrada design mural little red

KitchenWalls backsplash wallpaper Retro Green

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper retro green


wall and deco wallpaper concrete moire

Kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper Oriental2

kitchenwalls backsplash wallpaper oriental2


Wall & Deco wallpaper Mandala WDMA1402 on panel

wall and deco designbehang mandala paneel

Wall & Deco MANDALA WDMA1401 and WDMA1402

wall and deco designbehang mandala wdma1401 donker haard

wall and deco mandala wdma1401 donker klant

wall and deco designbehang mandala wdma1402 klant

wall and deco klant mandala wdma1402 licht

Wall & Deco INDIAN BLUR in aflevering 7 van VTwonen tv

wall and deco behang vtwonen blur afl 7


Wall and deco_wallpaper Midsummer night client


wall and deco badkamerbehang hanamachi klant

 Hanamachi by Wall & Deco WET

Sterk-design behang kant horeca

R01 by STERK-design 

wall and deco mandala wdma1402

Wall & Deco Mandala WDMA1402

sterk design behang kant  r01 r05

badkamerbehang vlinders Sterk-design


wall and deco behang in mind klant laatjes

Wall & Deco IN MIND 

wall and deco mandala wdma1402 klant

Wall & Deco MANDALA WDMA1402 

Wall & Deco MANDALA WDMA1402 - VT Wonen tv restyling

wall and deco vt wonen mandala

wall and deco behang racefiets granfondo

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