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Sure you dare!
Make a statement with this great design wallpaper from Sweden!

Rebel Walls wallpaper is made on demand on any size you want for Euro 45,00 per m2. This high quality non woven wallpaper is very easy to apply (paste the wall). Rolls of 45 cm.  Delivery time around 1 week.

Want to have a visual on the requested size? Send us an email
In case you want something truly special, you choose one of the murals by the Designers Forum. For Euro 53,00 per m2 you will have a unique piece of wall art of your favourite designer!


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  • Rebelwalls WILD WILLOWS
    Rebelwalls WILD WILLOWS
  • Rebelwalls POPPIES
    Rebelwalls POPPIES
  • Rebelwalls PERENNIALS (2 colors)
    Rebelwalls PERENNIALS (2 colors)
  • Rebelwalls THE BAY
    Rebelwalls THE BAY
  • Rebelwalls SIMILARITIES
    Rebelwalls SIMILARITIES
  • Rebelwalls PRIDE PALMS
    Rebelwalls PRIDE PALMS
  • Rebelwalls FLOWER PARADE
    Rebelwalls FLOWER PARADE
  • Rebelwalls AX
    Rebelwalls AX
  • Rebelwalls MIDSOMMAR
    Rebelwalls MIDSOMMAR
  • Rebelwalls x HM Home DESERT FLOWER (temporarily!)
    Rebelwalls x HM Home DESERT FLOWER (temporarily!)
  • Rebelwalls OPULENT SHADOWS
    Rebelwalls OPULENT SHADOWS
  • Rebelwalls DOVE GARDENS
    Rebelwalls DOVE GARDENS
  • Rebelwalls FOREST VAULTS
    Rebelwalls FOREST VAULTS
  • Rebelwalls SWAN LAKE (2 colors)
    Rebelwalls SWAN LAKE (2 colors)
  • Rebelwalls ARCH DECO (2 colors)
    Rebelwalls ARCH DECO (2 colors)
  • Rebelwalls SPACE MONKEY
    Rebelwalls SPACE MONKEY
  • Rebelwalls THE ORCHARD
    Rebelwalls THE ORCHARD
  • Rebelwalls EDEN NIGHTFALL
    Rebelwalls EDEN NIGHTFALL
  • Rebelwalls SEVEN SEAS
    Rebelwalls SEVEN SEAS
  • Rebelwalls CUBA JUNGLE
    Rebelwalls CUBA JUNGLE
  • Rebelwalls SECRET GARDEN lush
    Rebelwalls SECRET GARDEN lush
  • Rebelwalls EDEN (2 colors)
    Rebelwalls EDEN (2 colors)
  • Rebelwalls MIRAGE
    Rebelwalls MIRAGE
  • Rebelwalls BEETLE VALLEY
    Rebelwalls BEETLE VALLEY
  • Rebelwalls SECRET GARDEN
    Rebelwalls SECRET GARDEN
  • Rebelwalls CACTUS GARDEN
    Rebelwalls CACTUS GARDEN
  • Rebelwalls BLOOMING
    Rebelwalls BLOOMING
  • Rebelwalls FRENCH PANELS
    Rebelwalls FRENCH PANELS
  • Rebelwalls STUCCO GLORIA (3 colors)
    Rebelwalls STUCCO GLORIA (3 colors)
  • Rebelwalls JUNGLE LAND color
    Rebelwalls JUNGLE LAND color
  • Rebelwalls BROOKLYN WALL
    Rebelwalls BROOKLYN WALL
  • Rebelwalls PORCELAIN (2colors)
    Rebelwalls PORCELAIN (2colors)
  • Rebelwalls MORNING HAZE
    Rebelwalls MORNING HAZE
  • Rebelwalls METAL GRADIENT
    Rebelwalls METAL GRADIENT
  • Rebelwalls DECORATED BRICK (2 colors)
    Rebelwalls DECORATED BRICK (2 colors)
  • Rebelwalls CABIN
    Rebelwalls CABIN
  • Rebelwalls MARBLE ART
    Rebelwalls MARBLE ART
  • Rebelwalls MORNING FOG
    Rebelwalls MORNING FOG
  • Concrete New York
    Concrete New York
  • The Enchanted Forest
    The Enchanted Forest
  • London Houses
    London Houses
  • Raku Crackle (2 colors)
    Raku Crackle (2 colors)
  • Bali Boards
    Bali Boards
  • Birds of Paradise
    Birds of Paradise
  • Secret Garden
    Secret Garden
  • Swaying Reed
    Swaying Reed
  • Peacock Plumage
    Peacock Plumage
  • West Coast
    West Coast
  • Sea Reflections (2 colors)
    Sea Reflections (2 colors)
  • RebelWalls MIXED TAPE
    RebelWalls MIXED TAPE
  • The Rabbit's Playground
    The Rabbit's Playground
  • Laundry Day (2 colors)
    Laundry Day (2 colors)
  • Mischievous Monkeys (2 colors)
    Mischievous Monkeys (2 colors)
  • Woods of Wonder
    Woods of Wonder
  • Jungle Land
    Jungle Land
  • Noblesse Oblige
    Noblesse Oblige
  • Industrial Ivory
    Industrial Ivory
  • Urban Emerald
    Urban Emerald
  • Factory Windows
    Factory Windows
  • Broken Belle Epoque
    Broken Belle Epoque
  • Beneath The Bridge
    Beneath The Bridge
  • Pipework Oxidation
    Pipework Oxidation
  • Perspective Jardin
    Perspective Jardin
  • Cabinet of Curious
    Cabinet of Curious
  • Perspective Manoir
    Perspective Manoir
  • Memories of Venice
    Memories of Venice
  • Cloud Puff
    Cloud Puff
  • Lenses Peach
    Lenses Peach
  • Kaleidoscope
  • See the Light
    See the Light
  • Birch Bark Braids white
    Birch Bark Braids white
  • Perfect fit - powder pink
    Perfect fit - powder pink
  • Perfect fit - mint green
    Perfect fit - mint green
  • Verona
  • Cuddle Clouds
    Cuddle Clouds
  • Leaf Love
    Leaf Love
  • Climbing Clorofyl, wood
    Climbing Clorofyl, wood
  • Archive
  • Quadrangle
  • Dusty Rubber Stamp
    Dusty Rubber Stamp
  • Punch Cards
    Punch Cards
  • Tin Plates Nebraska
    Tin Plates Nebraska
  • Steel
  • Tin Plates Ontario
    Tin Plates Ontario
  • Fractal
  • Elevation
  • Chalkboard
  • Doorway
  • Concrete Trellis (2 colours)
    Concrete Trellis (2 colours)
  • Charcoal
  • Patina
  • Dusky World
    Dusky World
  • Globes Gathering, brown
    Globes Gathering, brown
  • Paper Mountains
    Paper Mountains
  • Crown of Dille
    Crown of Dille
  • Asia in Bloom
    Asia in Bloom
  • Rosegarden
  • Harlequin Roses
    Harlequin Roses
  • Thorn Rose
    Thorn Rose
  • Welcome to the Jungle
    Welcome to the Jungle
  • Gradient Mountains
    Gradient Mountains
  • Free as a bird
    Free as a bird
  • DESIGNERS FORUM Grundtrasket
    DESIGNERS FORUM Grundtrasket
  • Adventure
  • Frontage
  • Bellewood rainbow
    Bellewood rainbow
  • Bellewood green
    Bellewood green
  • Bellewood zwart wit
    Bellewood zwart wit
  • Crumbling Bricks
    Crumbling Bricks
  • Globes Gathering, black and white
    Globes Gathering, black and white
  • Wanderlust
  • Atlas of Astronomy
    Atlas of Astronomy
  • Treasure Hunt Midnight
    Treasure Hunt Midnight
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