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Fantastische kleurrijke behangwand op maat THE TIMELESS WOMEN van Daisy James. Een waar kunstwerk!

Uitsluitend op maat gemaakt en geschaald naar elke benodigde afmeting. Geprint op zeer hoogwaardig vliesbehang in genummerde banen van 50 cm breed. Prijs € 110,00 per m2.

Levertijd ongeveer 2 weken.

Mail ons gerust voor meer informatie, een prijsopgave en vrijblijvende simulatie op de gewenste afmeting.

Looking through the curtains are some faces that might look familiar. D A I S Y  J A M E S went out of her way with this spectacular design. One instantly recognizes the famous Lisa Gherardini, her crooked smile known far and wide, or the mysterious ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’, whose worldly counterpart will probably remain unknown forever. The Florentine Leonardo da Vinci, and the Dutch Johannes Vermeer, acquired a lot of fame over them. Maybe you can also spot Cecilia Gallerani, or Artemisia Gentileschi the first female painting artist. All women from ages ago, a time before photographs, but on canvas, and in some cases wood, their beauty and character have been preserved to the point they peek right trough your wall in the 21st century. An impressive masterpiece.


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