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Fabrice Hyber ORGANIC

€ 5.200,00 (inclusief btw)

Exclusieve behangmural ORGANIC van Fabrice Hyber voor de Wall & Deco Editions collection.

Total of w540 x h360 cm - easy cut to fit


Indoor, residential and commercial

Description of materialDigital printed wall covering matched with non woven fabric
Nature of componentsNon-woven coated fabric based on cellulose fibres and polyester fibres) Water-based inks and organic pigments
Total weight (minimum ÷ maximum)150 g/m² ÷ 210 g/m²
Total thickness (minimum / maximum)0,30 mm ÷ 0,40 mm
Reaction to fireClass B-s1-d0
VOCDetermination of the emission factor for VOC and identification of dominating substances has been made at the Swedish Testing- and Research Institute according to the FLEC-method. The test results is below the quantitative detection limit (< 10µg/m² x h)
  • PVC free

  • Recyclable


  • Breathable


  • Washable 2-waves


  • Apply the glue to the wall

    Apply the glue to the wall

Delivery time around 2 weeks

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to MAIL us!


“Whoever lives, feeds on others and feeds others” - Fabrice Hyber

Fabrice Hyber enriches the CARTEdition collection with a representative work, dense with the concepts key to his research. 

Hyber portrays on the wall the cycle of life in which nature and man are part of the same biotype. 

Captivated by field observation and studies related to biology and applied sciences, Fabrice Hyber considers natural phenomena to be a source of inspiration as well as of learning. He has put this into practice at his house in the Vendée, where over the years Hyber has managed to adapt the surrounding landscape by sowing the seeds of thousands of trees that have given rise to a luxuriant forest. 

Sowing instead of planting, the artist believes in this long-lasting, profound act that gives birth to stronger and more integrated plants in the habitat, a concept that can also be translated into a social and cultural context. 

The "Organic" wallpaper was created starting from a work painted on canvas “presque" of the same size as the wallpaper. 

The subject depicted includes a large tree to which man is connected via the umbilical cord, mother nature that feeds us and gives us life, a generating power which we cannot ignore. 

In the background, the cycle of the day and of the seasons that marks the passage of time and growth. A few words can be seen, often the artist includes writing inside his works - they are codes, messages, which guide us inside his representations, a journey inside his mind that very often translates into reality. 

The artist's sensitivity and intuitions in fact anticipate phenomena within his paintings that over time emerge in reality like revelations.

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