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Casamance MODELAGE (3 kleuren)

€ 577,10 (inclusief btw)

Zeer luxe hotelchique wandbekleding MODELAGE van Casamance. Verkrijgbaar in 3 prachtige kleuren. 

Levertijd op aanvraag. 

Verkocht per paneel van B210 x H300 cm

Hulp nodig of liever eerst de stalenboeken inzien in onze showroom? Stuur ons dan gerust een MAIL.

Designed by our design studio, this wallpanel is an artistic stroll through a place bathed in sunlight. It recalls the workshops in the Midi region of France, a meeting point for artists inspired by the sun that creates shapes and shadows. Created using poster paint, on modelling clay to form the material into unique shapes and perfected with a stroke of the paintbrush.This wallpanel can be matched horizontaly to infinity. It can be customized by contacting our Casamance contract service. It can also be printed on a high performance vinyl base (Type II) on a canvas grain (Volterra) and a straw grain (Straw).

  • Collection: L'ATELIER

  • Width: 210 cm / 83 Inches

  • Match: 

  • Number of drops: 3

  • Weight in g/m²: 440

  • VOC standards: A+

  • ASTME84: Class A

  • European fire-rating: B s2 d0

  • Country of origin: Italy

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